Andrian Candu Counts on PDM Support in Electoral Campaign

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The political party Pro Moldova counts on the support of the Democratic Party of Moldova teams while this year's presidential elections. This announced Andrian Candu party's leader and candidate for the presidency. “I count on all the Democratic Party teams. I am counting on the Chisinau, Leova, and Cahul’s teams. There are former colleagues, with some we have remained in respectful relations, with some we have remained on friendly terms, ” Andrian Candu said during the “Secretele Puterii” program on Jurnal TV, reported. The Pro Moldova leader admits fighting for presidential chair will not be easy, but hopes getting a honor place at the end of November 1. “We realize that this is a tough fight, but we started this fight not only to win. Of course, any athlete participating in a competition dreams of a gold medal. I expect to take a place of honor, but the place is least important,” Andrian Candu added. The Pro Moldova chairman claims that these elections are being a test as for the new party as for its members. “Our first test was collecting signatures. In the process of collecting signatures, we saw where we have the best teams and where we don't, and where over the next period we need to focus in order to raise them to the level of expectations.” The former democrat clarifies that at the beginning of this year he started struggling against the Chisinau regime and will continue doing it, including in the election campaign for the presidency of the Republic of Moldova.