Transnistria’s Business Enters the Nuclear Market of India and Bangladesh

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According to regional media, electric motors produced by Electromash in Tiraspol, the capital of the unrecognized Transnistria, have successfully passed the audit for further use at the Kudankulam nuclear power plant (India) and in the near future can be used at the Rooppur NPP (Bangladesh). The equipment was estimated by the Ukrainian commission of the Nasosenergomash, Sumy. The specialists inspected functioning of structural subdivisions and production processes of Electromash. The commission noted qualified personnel, a sufficient design base, availability of a certified testing laboratory, and the purchase of new test benches for testing bearings and equipment for balancing rotors. According to the director of the special design bureau of the plant Maksim Medushevsky, the enterprise has already won a tender for the supply of these electric motors to the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in India. “For us it is prestigious and economically profitable. These electric motors are hard to produce so they have a sufficiently high purchase price,” said Maksim Medushevsky. The Rooppur NPP is still under construction, and in parallel with the work with India Electromash also plans to participate in a tender for the supply of its electric motors to Bangladesh. As previously reported in the RTApublications, the leadership of the unrecognized republic actively uses the benefits of a special trade regime with the European Union within the DCFTA, and also strives to actively attract investments and expand the geography of export supplies. There was a certain revival of the local economy after settlement of the currency crisis by devaluing the Transnistrian ruble, containing inflation, upgrading key industries of the Transnistrian industry, including the production of electrical equipment. Analyzing these processes, experts tend to think that Transnistria is increasingly trying to use some approaches of Taiwan. Time will tellwhether Tiraspol will be able to ‘separate’ the economy from politics and create stable conditions for a trade and economic rise in Tiraspol, given the long unresolved conflict with Chisinau. However, it is difficult not to notice certain trends in this direction.