“A Rapprochement with NATO Will Result in a War for Moldova”

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On November 12, it became known that the European Parliament plans to support Moldova’s cooperation with NATO. European deputies will vote on the draft resolution already this week. The text of the document contains a provision on the exchange of classified information between Moldova and the EU, as well as a call to “resist large-scale money laundering” from Russia.

Sergei Isaenko, RTA:

Officially, Moldova is still a non-aligned and neutral country. In fact, it is clear to everyone that Chisinau has long been moving closer to NATO and the flywheel of this cooperation has been spun to its fullest. Not so long ago, Prime Minister Pavel Filip admitted that Moldova was burdened by neutral status, which was imposed “from outside”. The trick is that officially the Republic of Moldova may not join NATO at all, but at the same time fully cooperate with the alliance. Chisinau already has a military agreement with NATO member Romania, and the NATO Liaison Office has also been opened in the capital. It should be understood that modern communications allow any office of the alliance to be turned into headquarters, because operational management in the 21st century is more important than the deployment of troops. Moreover, they are located in the neighboring Romanian territory. I firmly believe that the policy of rapprochement with NATO for Moldovan officials is an objective reality that they cannot avoid. It is unlikely that Filip, Plahotniuc, or anyone in the government wants war, although there are for sure some ‘hotheads’. Anyway, every action has its price: the former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen recently recommended Belarus to take an example from Georgia and Ukraine, and said that the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance are interested in including Belarus. It must be remembered that the “example” of the cooperation of Georgia and Ukraine with NATO is military conflicts in South Ossetia and in the Donbas. And for Moldova, with its unresolved conflict in Transdniestria, a rapprochement with NATO will almost certainly result in a war.