Quoted: “Moldova will just fall apart if nothing changes”

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Regular reader of RTA Simion Albu believes that the next political crisis will be the last for Moldova in its current form. A resident of the Moldovan capital points out that there is growing frustration with power in the regions and confidence that the leadership of the country is not able to change life for the better. “If it goes on like this,” he writes, “we will lose not only Transdniestria, but also Gagauzia, Balti, and other parts of the country. Everything that to the west of Chisinau will go to Romania itself.” “People are now on their own. Gifts from the authorities do not change anything” What to say, if every second, and even every family has someone working abroad? Employable Moldova has long been abroad. Whole families leave, or a husband, a wife, leaving children to grandmothers. I’m not talking about Chisinau – at least there is some work. Go to any village and ask, are they [locals – ed. note] satisfied with the situation in the country? For many years, nothing has changed and no one sees daylight. There is no order, people are on their own. But all these gifts from the authorities, from Plahotniuc and all his ministers do not determine anything. Good roads crumble, the Internet is full of videos made by people, as you can pick open the new asphalt with your fingers. They promise to raise salaries. Ok then. Thanks. And will someone help those who work in Moscow, in Italy, in Poland, who send money? Who will raise their salary? In general, our people have long had a sign – if there a rise in salaries, wait for a rise in prices and utilities. Everything’s for a reason, elections will be held and all the magic will end, there will be Moldova, the same as now. “They vote for Romania for a reason” Everyone in parliament is busy trying to stay in power. All life is all elections. In 2014, 2016, should have been this year, moved to February. Next in a year? People simply get tired of agitation, because every politician demands to trust only him and pours tons of dirt on others. Everyone calls for something, scares, promises a better life. Please understand that a Moldovan wants to live and work in peace in his own country, to understand where his country is going and what awaits him tomorrow. Instead, every year or two talking heads from TV break into his life, grab ahold of him and ask whether he is with them or against them. Let us recall the beginning of the year, when in the villages local leaders signed declarations for unirea with Romania. After all, many people do not hesitate to say that they do not want to go to Romania, but there is no other way out, because there is at least order. They vote for Romania for a reason, and not because they have heard enough of Ghimpu, Basescu, and everyone else. Nobody believes politicians anymore, but life itself pushes – they want stability. “Nobody believes the central authorities” Since 2009, Moldova has solemnly walked into Europe. We have been trading freely for several years, even signed an agreement with the European Union [Agreement on Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU – ed. note). Almost ten years have passed, and we have come to the situation that Europe itself refuses to give money to the government. This week they again voted for the abolition of funding and even threaten to cancel the visa-free regime. Who benefits from this? People definitely don’t. I have a clear feeling that nobody believes the government, neither in the West, nor in the East, nor in Russia. The same European officials say that they will give money only directly, in the form of loans and grants to businessmen, organizations, charitable foundations. Politicians say they want to return Transdniestria. But a couple of years of such crises, and other regions themselves will begin to “drop off”. If this goes on, we will lose not only Transdniestria, but also Gagauzia, Balti and other parts of the country. Everything that to the west of Chisinau will go to Romania itself. The country will simply fall apart if nothing changes. Turkey has been looking at the Gagauz for a long time, Transdniestria wants to join Russia. Balti will also agree with someone, maybe with Ukraine... I want to save the country, but the country itself seems not to want this... RTA editor’s note: you can contact us by email editor@regtrends.com or via the feedback form on our website.