Berlin does not intend to influence the work of NS-2

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Berlin does not intend to influence the operation of the gas pipeline, and, if necessary, will try to use EU sanctions, the media write. The German authorities will not restrict the operation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline even if Russia uses it as a geopolitical weapon. Bloomberg writes about this, referring to the interlocutors who are familiar with the German government's plans. According to the newspaper, in such a case, Berlin will insist on EU sanctions, which, according to experts, is a more difficult path for countermeasures. This is how Germany is planning to act instead of a direct strike on the gas connection with Russia. It is also reported that US President Joe Biden tried to convince Germany of the use of tough measures against the Russian Federation. Although Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to take action "at the national level," Berlin's refusal to shut off the pipeline is a potential victory for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the newspaper writes. Which is also a blow to the White House. The representative of the German government confirmed to the newspaper that Germany is obliged to act if the pipeline is used for other purposes. Nevertheless, he did not give any comments on this matter. It is noted that most likely Berlin's position on this issue will not change even after Merkel's resignation after the September 26 elections. The Russian pipeline project reportedly supports the entire political spectrum of the country, except for the Union 90 / Greens party. Earlier, the candidate for Chancellor of Germany from the Angela Merkel party, Armin Laschet, threatened Russia with sanctions if it presses on Ukraine with the help of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. On July 21, the US and Germany reached an agreement on Nord Stream 2. It stipulates that Washington abandons its intentions to impose sanctions on the project participants, but the possibility of EU sanctions for Moscow remains if Russia uses the gas pipeline as an instrument of energy pressure. The agreement also states the intention to preserve gas transit through Ukraine. Germany promises to use all leverage to persuade Russia to renew the agreement on gas transit through Ukraine, which is due to end at the end of 2024.