There will be more ministries: List of candidates for the Cabinet of Ministers has published

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Prime Minister candidate Natalya Gavrilita handed over a folder of documents on the new government to the parliamentary secretariat today, on August 3. This includes the management program and the list of the new cabinet members. The future cabinet of ministers will have 13 ministries instead of 9 as it was until now, as reports Thus, the candidates for ministerial positions in the government of Gavrilita are: Vice Prime Ministers: Vladislav Kulminski (reintegration issues) and Iurie Turcanu (digital technologies). Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration: Nicu Popescu (former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Sandu government); Ministry of Internal Affairs: Ana Revenko (Adviser to the President of the Republic of Moldova on national defense and security, secretary of the Supreme Security Council); Ministry of Agriculture: Viorel Gherciu; Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development: Andrei Spanu; Ministry of the Environment: Iuliana Cantaragiu; Ministry of Defense: Anatolie Nosatai (former head of the Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the National Army); Ministry of Economy: Sergiu Gaibu; Ministry of Education: Anatolie Topala (Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research); Ministry of Culture: Sergiu Prodan; Ministry of Finance: Dumitru Budianschi; Ministry of Justice: Sergiu Litvinenko (PAS deputy); Ministry of Health: Ala Nemerenco (Health Advisor to the President of the Republic of Moldova); Ministry of Labor and Social Protection: Marcel Spatari; Recall that on July 30, the Presidency building held consultations of the head state with parliamentary factions.. Natalia Gavrilita was nominated as a candidate from the Action and Solidarity party parliamentary faction for the position of Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova. Representatives of the Shor faction declared their readiness to support the PAS candidate. The bloc of communists and socialists did not come for consultations with Sandu. At the end of the consultations, President Maia Sandu signed a decree nominating Natalia Gavrilita for the position of head of government.