Three regions of Moldova get a "red" code of epidemic danger

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The "red level" was reintroduced in the Soroca district, Vulcanesti and Transdniestria due to the increased risk of coronavirus infection. Local authorities say they made such a decision, as the incidence of COVID-19 has increased over the past two weeks, as reports. Quarantine measures were strengthen in these regions to prevent the spread of infection. At the same time, responsible persons note a low level of vaccination among locals. "Over the past 14 days, 89 cases of infection have been registered. The Soroca district is under the" red code "of danger. There have been 61 cases," Veaceslav Gutu, Head of the Soroca Public Health Center, said. Local authorities say there have been many "imported" cases lately. "There are cases of import from the Russian Federation, Ireland. Currently, about 17,000 doses of vaccine have been taken to the Soroca district. The population coverage varies from village to village, on average in the district, 18-20% of people are vaccinated with the first dose," Veaceslav Gutu said. Gagauz Vulcanesti town is also under the "red code". Most of the infected came from Turkey. Local authorities say that only 13% of the population are vaccinated. "Over the past 14 days, 18 cases have been registered. For every 100,000 people, the incidence is 119 cases, and this is already a red code. Bars, shops, clubs are closed. Face masks are mandatory in stores," epidemiologist Georgy Getsoi says. Last week, due to the high incidence of the "red" level of danger was announced in 15 villages of the Cahul district. The Ministry of Health calls on Moldovans to get vaccinated. For the formation of herd immunity, it is necessary to vaccinate 70% of the population. Now 17% are immunized.