Grosu: Relations with direct neighbors - Romania and Ukraine is the priority

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The acting Chairperson of the PAS, the new Chairperson of Parliament, Igor Grosu, noted that the first legislative initiatives of his party and the Gavrilita government are related to the fight against corruption. In an interview for the radio station Europa Liberă, the Chairperson of the Parliament said that the new government would restore order among politically appointed officials, as well as among civil servants, not bypassed the Prosecutor General's leadership, as reports. Igor Grosu says that there are no untouchable people before inaction and the law. “We know the fact that someone went there on the basis of a competition, but for many years there were no results for various reasons, and I don’t want to speculate now about the reasons, we are stating the fact,” he said. The head of the legislative body noted that until the second decade of August, the deputies will be active and will hold extraordinary meetings every time it is necessary. Igor Grosu added that the relations with direct neighbors - Romania and Ukraine is the priority “From Romania we want to adopt the best practice they have received in the process of harmonizing legislation to implement joint projects, in particular, in the field of infrastructure, interconnection, etc. We also want to intensify cooperation with the Ukrainian side at the local level,” the new Chairperson of Parliament said. Igor Grosu added that there have been no parliamentary cooperation in relations with Ukraine for two years of work in parliament. It was fragmentary. The Parliamentary Commission on Friendship and Relations with the Ukrainian Parliament was passive. So now, we need to understand and to know their policies, including parliamentary one. The Chairperson of the Parliament said that success of bringing closer a sustainable solution to the Transdniestrian problem depends on two components. The first component, that Moldova controls less, is the international environment, where many large players are involved. However, there is also a dimension that Moldova controls - reforms in the country, in the Republic of Moldova. In his opinion, the attractiveness of the right bank can facilitate the solution of the Transdniestrian problem. Igor Grosu also said in an interview that he will run for the post of head of the PAS. The party congress will take place this fall.