The National Integrity Authority Targets Dodon's Assets

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The ANI launched an investigation against former head of state Igor Dodon on the basis of journalistic investigations, as well as on the basis of several official notices. Despite the failure to provide more detailed information about the control procedure initiated against the former president, the head of the ANI admits that the ANI inspectors need courage to investigate the cases of high-ranking officials holding influential positions in state institutions, writes. "I will not go into details, because this control procedure is currently underway in order to prevent any interference or influence on the inspector studying the materials. Everything that was in the press, in journalistic investigations, photographs, documents, was sent to the ANI inspector for examination," Rodica Antoci said. The ANI head also believes that in the case of Igor Dodon, control procedures should have been carried out by other competent authorities as well, since he had been a civil servant for more than ten years. "Not only had the subject of the declaration held the presidency of the country for 4 years, but he also has been holding public positions in the Republic of Moldova since 2000, and the competent authorities were supposed to control him. I hope that I will soon receive a result from the ANI inspector who needs to show diligence and courage," Rodica Antoci said.