Platon on the Evaluation Commission for the Attorney General: the Same Should be for Sandu

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Veaceslav Platon, put on the wanted list for failure to appear in court, defended Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo. Platon believes that it would be unfair to evaluate an official before his term of office expires. In this regard, he proposed to the Minister of Justice, Sergiu Litvinenco, to expand the law on the assessment of the activities of the Prosecutor General in such a way as to cover both the Speaker and the President of the Republic of Moldova, reports citing “It is certainly a fresh idea to create a commission to assess the performance before the end of the mandate of this or that public official. Like any idea, it must be completely developed by its author. That is, one should think big and on a big scale,” Platon wrote on his Facebook page. He believes that Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenco should extend the practice of assessing civil servants to top officials of the state. “I suggest that Mr. Litvinenco go beyond his horizons and extend this practice to more important persons in the state, namely: the president, the chairman of parliament and, of course, the deputies who are hated by everyone. I am sure that when Dodon was president, PAS would have willingly voted for such a law. From the logic that they now want to implement in relation to the prosecutor, an analogy with other persons more important for the life of citizens can be drawn quite reasonably,” Platon writes. He also added that an online camera should be installed in Maia Sandu's office so that citizens can see what the president is doing every day. “How wonderful it would be to appoint an evaluation committee for Maia Sandu's presidency. I am ready to chair it. I propose to accept the changes in the package. Only two years ago, under Dodon, the PAS and Maia would have accepted such proposals with shouts of joy. So, gentlemen, please, be consistent, honest and objective - and start with yourself!" Plato concluded. Let us remind you that on August 12, the Chisinau court of the Ciocana sector approved a warrant issuance addressed to Veaceslav Platon for 30 days after he refused to appear in court. The countdown will begin on the day of his arrest. At the same time, the businessman was put on the international wanted list. Earlier, Alexandr Stoianoglo defended Platon, saying that he did not leave Moldova, “I think that he will return and will be present in the court in the case that we are considering,” Stoianoglo said on July 20 this year on air N4.