Maia Sandu: Crimea Is Ukraine, and Its Illegal Annexation Is Obviously a Violation

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President of Moldova Maia Sandu addressed the Ukrainian summit "Crimean Platform".

“First of all, I confirm Moldova's unshakable support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. Crimea belongs to Ukraine, and its illegal annexation is an obvious violation of international law. Moldova has been and will be your reliable and trustworthy partner. We support Resolution 68/262 on "The Territorial Integrity of Ukraine" adopted by the UN General Assembly, as well as subsequent resolutions,” Sandu said. “Moldova is a state committed to peace and peaceful diplomatic solutions. And as a country, we depend on a rule-based regional security order. However, this order has been under threat for a long time. When the rules enshrined in the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Helsinki Final Act, the Charter of Paris for a New Europe and other fundamental principles of international law are violated, it poses a threat to security for all. An international order based on rules, rather than the use of force alone, is the only solid foundation on which a peaceful and prosperous region can be built - in the interests of all,” the President of Moldova said. “Looking through the centuries into the distant past is not the best compass for moving into the future. The future is not “coercion”. This is not arm twisting. The future is cooperation, respect for human rights and economic development for all. My country strongly believes in these principles. In our region, which is far from secure and unstable, in which norms of behavior are crumbling like a house of cards, states must adhere to a number of fundamental rules that regulate relations between them and ensure regional order. The supremacy of the principles of international law, order, justice and peaceful settlement of disputes is important for Moldova more than ever. We cannot allow historical grievances, revisionist policies, direct use of force and disregard for human rights to become the new normal. We all need to return to peaceful, political resolution of disputes. We need to work together to confront threats to regional security. We all need to lay a different route, more constructive and promising,” Maia Sandu said.