BoCS Deputies May Support Amendments to the Constitution

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The deputies of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists might support the draft law on amendments to the Constitution in the part concerning the judicial system. This was announced by at least two MPs from this faction, reports. Legislators from the Shor Party are more discreet. MP Petru Jardan said that they have not yet decided whether they will support this project. BoCS deputy Grigore Novac stated that the faction is likely to vote for amendments to the Constitution, since European partners also expect this. “I suppose we will support the law. I think we will reach a consensus on this. European partners are also waiting for this project. And it is not about the political identity. We must push aside all differences and support the bill”, the deputy said for The same fact was stated by the deputy Constantin Staris of the BoCS: “We will support this bill. We believe this is important for our judicial system.” The Shor Party has not yet decided whether to support the amendment to the Constitution. “I can't tell you what our final decision is to be. We are monitoring the situation and will speak out after a thorough analysis of this project, taking into account the events that have been taking place in the recent period,” commented Petru Jardan, a deputy of the Shor faction. On Thursday, September 16, the deputies of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) voted in the first reading on the draft law on amendments to the Constitution regarding the initial term of appointment of judges and the selection of judges of the Supreme Judicial Chamber (SJC). The amendments also specify the role of the Supreme Council of Magistracy (SCM) in the process of self-government of the judicial system, its composition and competencies. 56 deputies voted for the adoption of the amendments in the first reading. Justice Minister Sergiu Litvinenco is convinced that all 63 PAS deputies in the parliament will vote for this draft in the second reading. The statement was made in response to the statement of the former Minister of Justice Fadei Nagacevschi that some members of the current parliamentary majority may not support the law.