Durlesteanu: The Authorities Must Support Citizens and Businesses in the Energy Market Situation

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Mariana Durlesteanu expressed her opinion in social media that the Moldovan authorities “must come up with proposals to support citizens and businesses, based on the gas and electricity prices.” She stressed the fact that “all European countries are now coming up with proposals, measures and solutions aimed at supporting their consumers, especially low-income ones,” infotag.md reports. “European governments are acting promptly and transparently to reduce the energy load. In our country, the government is focused on the image of TV8 and all sorts of public grandstanding. But when it comes to negotiations with Gazprom on the gas price, no one wants to take responsibility,” Durlesteanu said. According to her, in the context of rising petroleum products prices, “it is vital to understand the entire value chain, from producers to sellers and further to retail and wholesale consumers.” “We can all see and have already felt the consequences of the law adopted by the parliament regarding the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel... In Moldova demonizing the petroleum product selling companies has been practiced for a long time, the following complex of factors disregarded: an excessive number of gas stations per capita and vehicles; sales volumes to each station; the level of trade margins; excessive state taxes and excises,” she posted, arguing for “the need to review the role of ANRE and the Competition Council in terms of the market economy declared in the Republic of Moldova, based on the criteria of professionalism, integrity and independence.” The ex-minister complained that since the approval of the new government in early August, citizens have not been given the opportunity to learn the vision and priorities of the Economy and Finance Ministers. “Even taking into account the informal hierarchical subordination associated with who has the right to speak up, it's time to hear them on TV8, Jurnal TV, PRO TV and ask them specific questions about the development strategy of Moldova in the short and medium term,” she reckons. Durlesteanu is certain that “the challenges in the energy sector and the impact of the pandemic on the economy of the Republic of Moldova will be very tough.” “We can only hope that negotiations with the EU, the IMF and other external partners to receive financial resources will be successful, and the money provided will reach the final beneficiaries, that is, citizens,” the ex-minister wrote.