Stamate on Constitutional Amendments: We Are in Talks with MPs from Other Factions

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The chairman of the parliamentary commission on legal issues, appointments and immunities, Olesea Stamate, claims that the draft amendment to the Constitution is currently being discussed with socialist deputies. “At the moment, we are also in talks with deputies from other parliamentary factions, especially since this is a draft promoted by the previous government with the support of the Socialists. So I don't understand why they don't vote for it”, Olesea Stamate said on ProTV, reports. When asked what the Socialist Party requests in return, Stamate noted that the opposition represented by the Socialists cannot demand anything in return, as this is basically their draft. The former chairman of the Constitutional Court, Alexandru Tenase, who was once the Minister of Justice, noted that the opposition will also benefit from this. “I believe that the opposition should vote. It would be ideal if there was a unanimous vote, because the reform of the judicial system means that the support of the opposition is necessary in the long term”, said Alexandru Tenase. Recall that to amend the Constitution, a vote of two-thirds of deputies is necessary. The bill provides that the Supreme Law will be amended with regard to the immunity of judges, that is, the immunity will be reduced. In addition, the criteria for appointing judges to the Supreme Judicial Chamber will be changed, as a result of which not only judges, but also lawyers, university professors in this field will be able to apply for the posts. The composition of the Superior Council of Magistracy will also be changed in the way that the Prosecutor General and the Minister of Justice will be excluded from the council.