Dodon: Sandu's “Success Story” Turns into a Nightmare of Filat's Time

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US President Joe Biden praises the pro-European government of Moldova from the UN rostrum. The chairman of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon expressed his opinion on this issue on his social media page. In 2011, on a visit to the Republic of Moldova – the head of the Socialists recalls – Biden expressed nearly the same views on Moldovan democracy that he expressed years later at the United Nations as President of the United States, reports. “Both times we received a message that Moldova is bound to be a success, Moldovans should be proud of the democratic achievements, the reforms should be continued and the economy developed, and so forth. These are the beautiful words that never corresponded to the reality in the country. The “success story” spread by Filat and the AEI government turned out to be a story of a political and economic nightmare, when a billion was stolen from the banking system and both Banca de Ecopomii and the Chisinau International Airport were given away. At the same time, people preferred emigration, having become disillusioned with the so-called Moldovan democracy, of which we should have been proud”, Dodon notes. The chairman of the PSRM considers it surprising that the foreign partners have not learned the lessons of 2011 and are repeating approximately the same messages now, in 2021, without adapting them to Moldova's realities or taking into account the mistake in assessing domestic policy. “Mr. Biden hastened to praise and consider another story bound to be a success, now under the leadership of Maia Sandu. This story is already beginning to turn for Moldovans not into a subject for pride, but into an economic, social and administrative nightmare. What can we expect this time? Abuse of justice, political police, another fraud or theft, or impoverishment of the population due to raising tariffs and prices? This is already happening, and Moldovans are not proud of it at all. They are disappointed again, as they were after 2011”, he concluded.