PM Urges Ministers to Focus on Managing COVID Crisis

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Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita urged ministers to focus on managing the coronavirus pandemic. The head of government asked to develop a policy to help vulnerable citizens and businesses that suffer the most from the restrictions imposed by the authorities, reports. “I will ask the entire government to focus on the decisions that are being made to manage the pandemic crisis and to help vulnerable groups and economic agents to compensate for the imposed restrictions,” Gavrilita said. Let us remind you that the National Emergency Commission on Public Health (NECPH)announced new anti-coronavirus measures from October 1. Health Minister Ala Nemerenco said that the COVID-19 certificate will become mandatory for some activities and that school will take place with the physical presence of students. At the same time, the authorities recommended moving the activities of universities online in order to avoid traffic jams and crowds in public transport. In addition, the NECPH decided to set alert thresholds in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Point