The Russian Federation Announces Its Readiness to Supply Gas to Ukraine

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Peskov asked other countries not to interfere in Russian-Hungarian relations and offered Kiev negotiations on gas supplies. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov announced Russia’s readiness to discuss gas supplies with Ukraine on Tuesday, September 28. “Of course. We never refused. Moreover, the willingness to discuss this has been repeatedly expressed by representatives of our gas monopolist and representatives of the Russian side at all levels,” he said. He also commented on the new gas contract with Hungary. “We are implementing our bilateral relations with Hungary. The goal is a long-term contract that will guarantee reliable, predictable, rhythmic supplies of natural gas to Hungary on guaranteed, cost-effective routes. No one’s rights or norms of international trade are violated here,” Peskov stated. The Kremlin spokesman added that other countries, including Ukraine, cannot interfere in this aspect of Russian-Hungarian relations. Peskov also said that the gas contract is not aimed at “punishing” Ukraine. “Russia has never used and is never going to use blue fuel to punish anyone. Russia uses blue fuel exclusively in its own interests, in the interests of our citizens, to increase the well-being of Russians, exclusively on a commercial basis,” he said. According to Peskov, the gas use in this mode fully corresponds to the European consumers’ interests as well as the interests of countries that provide conditions for transit, if this transit is economically profitable and expedient. Recall, a scandal is breaking out between Ukraine and Hungary over Budapest’s new gas contract with Gazprom. the Foreign Ministries of both countries summoned ambassadors today. Корреспондент