Grigoriu: DA Platform Is Preparing for Protests, They Are Inevitable

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The DA Platform is preparing protests against the current government, which may take place after the expiration of the 100-day period from the moment of formation of the Natalia Gavrilita-led government. This information was confirmed by the former deputy from the DA Platform Inga Grigoriu, reports. "We are preparing for protests, which, in fact, are inevitable. As for their organization and the most appropriate period, we will inform you about it additionally. In the meantime, we still have a little patience, and we are giving another deadline to improve the current situation managed by the current government," Inga Grigoriu said. "At the same time, I remind you that the protest movement in 2015 began three months after the parliamentary elections in November 2014," the former MP added. When asked if this information was sent to their former colleagues in the ACUM block, Inga Grigoriu replied, "They follow any comments or publications. They have enough resources for that." At the same time, the former deputy expressed confidence that the people will join the protest, "Citizens insist. Everything is different than 6 years ago. Prices are rising, and the government shuns this phenomenon, blaming global events. Did people massively vote for those who said they would restrain prices and fight schemes? Do you calculate how much will we have to pay for utilities in winter and how these costs will relate to the family budget? In other words, more than half of the population's income, taking into account the average wage, will go to heating and electricity. What should we do with the fuel price? And we still have to buy food," Grigoriu said. Point