Orban Is not Interested in Ukraine's Opinion on Gas

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The Prime Minister said that he is only accountable to the Hungarian voters. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he could not take Ukraine's viewpoint into account in the situation with gas supplies, Reuters reported on Friday, October 1. "As Gazprom suspended gas transit to Hungary via Ukraine, Orban told public radio that he was only accountable to Hungarian voters, who would be forced to pay much higher gas prices without the new agreement," the statement said. On October 1, Gazprom began supplying gas to Hungary bypassing the territory of Ukraine. As a reminder, on September 27, the Hungarian company MVM Group and Gazprom in Budapest signed a contract for the supply of gas to Hungary bypassing Ukraine. The agreement is designed for 15 years with the possibility of changing the volume of gas purchases in 10 years. Then Ukraine expressed fear that the new gas contract between Russia and Hungary could lead to a reduction or a complete termination of transit. Корреспондент