Slusari about the Landromat Report: Deadlocked for Five Months

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Former vice-chairman of the parliament Alexandru Slusari says that the report on the “Laundromat” prepared by the parliamentary commission has been “deadlocked” for five months. In this regard, Alexandru Slusari also appealed to the PAS deputy Dumitru Alaiba, reports. “I am glad that the majority of deputies use the information from the draft report of the parliamentary commission on the Laundromat investigation to file a complaint against Stoianoglo. However, it is a pity that this report, very professionally prepared by my colleague Inga Grigoriu, has not been moving forward for 5 months. Mr. Alaiba, there is no excuse that the document remains without progress. You know perfectly well that in May – June the presentation was blocked by Socialist, Sor and former Democrat deputies. What's going on now? I do not want to believe that Platon and Plahotniuc continue to pull the strings in the legislature, but if in the near future we do not see progress in the activities of the parliamentary commission or the approval of the report on the “Laundromat”, this is the only explanation I can find,” Slusari wrote. Point