Socialists Announced Protests after Stoianoglo Was Detained

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PSRM announces that it will organize protests from Sunday to “defend the rule of law and democracy.” This was announced at a press briefing by the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Vlad Batrincea, reports with reference to “We are ready to take to the streets to fight for democracy, for a fair trial, for respect for the rule of law. We appeal to accredited diplomatic missions in the Republic of Moldova, we wonder why the reactions of international organizations and diplomatic structures have not yet appeared in the public space,” said Batrincea. He claims that the arrest of the Prosecutor General and his arrest by masked people means “that we will return to the practice of the past, only Vladimir Plahotniuc is not in the country.” PSRM demanded to publish materials that the prosecutor general was supposed to present at a press briefing. “We offer a mass protest action without political flags, where everyone can express their position. (…) On Sunday we go out to protest in defense of democracy and the rule of law,” said Batrincea. MP Vasile Bolea criticized the speed with which the criminal case was opened and Stoianoglo was arrested, saying that these actions usually take more time. Let us remind you that yesterday, October 5, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office detained Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo for 72 hours. Point