The Government's Action Plan for 2021-2022 Has Been Approved

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The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the Government's Action Plan for 2021-2022. According to the authorities, the document includes ambitious but feasible commitments. Their implementation will benefit the economic, social and environmental spheres, in accordance with 24 priority areas of activity, reports “The Action Plan will focus the government's activities on a model of sustainable development focused on investment, stimulating and developing human capital, increasing the competitive ability of domestic products and services, digital transformation of the public and private sectors, improving the efficiency of state spending and reasonable management of its property, fighting poverty and social inequality, modernizing and strengthening health and education systems, conducting a balanced foreign policy, reforming the justice sector, ensuring order and security, etc.”, the draft notes. For each of the priority areas of activity, key goals and indicators of production or performance are defined, with specific goals to be achieved by the end of the implementation period of the Action Plan. In addition, the Action Plan contains commitments to implement the legislation of the European Union, undertaken by the country in accordance with the Association Agreement with the EU. The focus will be on reforming the justice system. A functioning justice system guarantees citizens and businesses the opportunity to fully enjoy their rights, strengthens mutual trust and contributes to providing a favorable environment for investment, the authors note. “Thus, improving the efficiency of the justice sector, fighting corruption and ensuring the integrity of the subjects of the system are the main priorities of the Republic of Moldova, which are of great importance for the whole society and represent the most important condition for the genuine development of a democratic society in which the rule of law, respect for human rights and freedoms are the highest values and are guaranteed. To achieve these goals, the policy will be aimed at building an independent, impartial, professional, responsible, effective and transparent justice sector” the draft says. At the level of the central public administration, priority actions will focus on defining new powers of central public institutions, eliminating overlaps, clearly delineating roles between institutions, and introducing principles of proper management of state agencies and enterprises so that they function on the basis of fair and transparent rules. Point