Pensioners Complained They Hadn’t Receive the Pension Supplements Promised by the Government

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Some pensioners receiving an age pension of less than two thousand lei have not received the supplements promised by the current Government. The elderly said that the amount increased by only 40 or 80 lei, that is, their pensions were only indexed, while they expected an increase of about 400 lei. This was promised to the elderly who hadn’t completed full career. In response, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita said that no such cases were registered and everyone received the promised supplements, reports. One of the outraged pensioners said that she was looking forward to her pension being raised. The woman worked at the meat processing plant for 30 years, but when she saw the amount calculated for her, she was very disappointed. Her pension of 1780 was increased by exactly 40 lei, that is, to 1820 lei. “They promised to raise it to 2000, so they lied to people. I only have enough to pay the heating and water bill. That’s all it covers”, the pensioner was indignant. The woman assumes that the amount of 40 lei is, in fact, an annual indexation. A similar situation occurred with another pensioner who devoted 30 years to work at an oncological institute in the capital. The woman worked as a laboratory assistant and now she receives 1800 lei per month. “100 lei were supplemented. I have two daughters, they help me. I didn’t feel the difference”, the woman said. Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita, when asked to comment on the situation, said that the authorities had no information about such cases and that all pensioners had received the promised increase. “300, 400 or 500 lei more. Everyone received such increases, regardless of the length of service. On average - 400 lei”, the Prime minister said. According to the Prime Minister, only those who have a full period of deductions and receive a pension below 2000 lei received an increase. The full period is 32 years of work for women and 34 years for men. Nevertheless, pensioners say that this increase is not very significant, and 2000 lei is not enough for decent living. In their opinion, a better life will require at least doubling this figure. Despite the fact that in the election campaign the ruling party promised a minimum pension of 2,000 lei for everyone, after the drafting of the law it was said that this amount would be available only to persons who had completed full career, which caused dissatisfaction of many elderly people. At the same time, officials said that the increase in pensions will cost the state 521 million lei in 2021, and 2.1 billion lei in 2022. Currently, in our country, men retire at the age of 63, and women - at 59 years and six months. Point