Gligor: No Concrete Actions by the Moldovan Government to Combat the Pandemic Have Been Observed

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The chairman of the Party for Change, lawyer Stefan Gligor, is convinced that the Moldovan authorities failed in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The statements were made during the Territory of Freedom show with Lilia Buracovschi. “Since the new government was appointed, no concrete actions or any vision of how to fight the pandemic have been observed,” Gligor said, reports. “The problem of public transport has not been resolved and in the morning you can see 100-120 people traveling in one trolleybus. And I want to remind you that the delta coronavirus strain is ten times more contagious than the original one, therefore, our public transport is a source of infection for the population,” the politician emphasized. “If last year school classes were divided, now all 30-38 students are sitting in one classroom. Accordingly, it is only a matter of time before the children become infected and infect their parents. The question to the government is why this could not have been foreseen, because it is obvious, and these measures were taken in the past - classes were divided into morning and evening classes, online training, and so on. Today, however, it is left to the discretion of the school principals,” said Gligor. “I remember how the Chicu government was accused of not taking proportional measures. The government has changed but I don’t see a change in strategy. The holidays were extended, but I think it would be easier to properly organize the educational process so that 38 pupils do not sit in the same classroom,” the lawyer claims. “When you gather 15-20 thousand people for summer music festivals, you dont need to have special talents to understand that this is also a source of infection and in a few weeks it will affect statistics and mortality,” the chairman of the Party for Change stressed. “I believe that the measures taken are insufficient, many cases of infection could have been avoided. We need a national campaign to promote vaccination, which I don’t see. I do not know how effective it is to simply send SMS messages on behalf of the government. This is not enough,” Stefan Gligor told.