Vladislav Kulminski Resigned

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Vice Prime Minister for Reintegration, the chief negotiator of Moldova in the Transdniestrian settlement process, Vladislav Kulminski, announced his resignation for personal reasons. That’s what the statement reads which he published on the Infotag news agency website. “Dear friends, for personal reasons, I have submitted my resignation from the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration. Recent family events require my constant physical presence, which doesn’t allow me to continue to be fully engaged in addressing the problems arising from my position. In this short period of time, I worked to contribute to ensuring stability in the areas I was responsible for during difficult times for our country. I thank the Prime Minister, the President and the entire team for their trust. I always remain at the disposal of my colleagues in order to provide any professional support that may be needed,” the statement says. Vladislav Kulminski became Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration in the government of Natalia Gavrilita on August 6. Prior to that, he worked in the UN conflict resolution structures, and was also one of the founders of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives.