Dodon: There Has Never Been a Government to Disappoint People That Fast

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“Never in the history of Moldova there has been a government that would disappoint people that fast and that ugly” as the Gavrilita-led Cabinet of Ministers. This opinion was expressed in social media by the leader of the Party of Socialists, ex-president Igor Dodon. According to him, in 100 days the government “has become synonymous with economic, pandemic, energy and social crisis,” reports. He believes that the activities of this government are characterized by “an overall increase in prices for goods and services, an increase in morbidity and mortality due to a poorly managed pandemic, wage arrears, humiliating dismissals of officials, humiliation of doctors and teachers, bankruptcy of farmers, small and medium enterprises”. “During these three months of PAS’s rule in the Republic of Moldova, a state of emergency was also introduced in the field of energy, because the government did not conclude a gas contract on time, and as a result of negotiations, the price and tariffs for consumers more than doubled. The compensation announced by the authorities is a mockery born of arrogance and lack of common sense. In fact, the citizens will receive practically nothing substantial. People were deceived because they are compensated for only a very small percentage of the increase in gas prices, while in reality they will pay much more money for all services, heat, food, transport - for everything,” Dodon believes. He noted that Monday also marks one year since Maia Sandu received the majority of votes of citizens in the presidential elections, and as in the case of the Gavrilita government, “no one expected that that triumph would turn into a complete political and economic fiasco so quickly and cruelly.” “President Maia Sandu “distinguished herself” this year only by numerous trips abroad, increased expenses for the maintenance of the presidential office, scandalous statements and dictatorial subordination of all state structures, including a “raider attack” on the Prosecutor General’s Office on command from the presidential office. At the same time, people saw that Maia Sandu, as the head of state, is not responsible for anything and cannot or does not want to solve the problems that people really care about,” the socialist wrote. He promised to submit “an alternative report on the situation in the Republic of Moldova that would highlight the major problems in various areas and offer concrete solutions.”