Germany Has Suspended the Nord Stream-2 Certification

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The Germany’s energy regulator demanded a company-operator of the NS-2 gas pipeline be established under German law. The Germany’s energy regulator has temporarily suspended the certification procedure for the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. To resume it, the creation of a gas pipeline operator company under German law is needed, the Federal Agency for Networks in Bonn reported on Tuesday, November 16. Swiss-based operator must transfer assets to German subsidiary As noted in a statement posted on their website, the certification process will resume after the Nord Stream-2 operator, based in Zug (Switzerland), transfers the main assets and human resources to a German subsidiary and the regulator has the opportunity to verify the newly submitted documents. “When these requirements have been met, the Federal Network Agency will be able to resume examination in the remainder of the four-month period set out in law, produce a draft decision and deliver it to the European Commission for an opinion, as provided for in the EU legislation on the internal market,” the statement further notes. The regulator has already informed the Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, as well as the European Commission about the decision. In addition, it was brought to the attention of the parties involved in the proceedings before going public. Against the background of the news about the suspension of the gas pipeline certification procedure in Germany, the spot price of gas increased on Tuesday to $ 1,046 per thousand cubic meters. The price of the December TTF futures on the ICE Futures exchange rose to 88.9 euros per MWh. At the beginning of November, the gas price was about $ 750 per thousand cubic meters. Ukraine is admitted to the Nord Stream-2 certification process Meanwhile, the Germany’s network regulator confirmed at the request of DW that Ukraine will be admitted to the certification process of Nord Stream-2. Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC and Gas Transmission System of Ukraine LLC were admitted to the certification process today. Those admitted to the process have the right, among others, to give their assessment. The right for veto is not one of those rights”, said the representative of the Federal Network Agency, Fiete Wulff. Earlier, the Polish gas company PGNiG was involved in the certification process. NS-2 completed in September The Nord Stream-2 with a length of about 1200 km was completed in September, now it is undergoing technical pumping of gas. The project consists of two pipes, their combined capacity is 55 billion cubic meters. On November 8, Gazprom announced that the pipeline was fully completed and ready for launch. On the same day, the Germany’s regulator began the NS-2 certification process. According to experts, the certification of the gas pipeline may be delayed until May due to consideration by the European Commission.