Durlesteanu: Gas Bills to Shock in December

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Former Finance Minister Marianna Durlesteanu warned regarding the previously announced price increase for natural gas purchased from the Russian Federation. According to Durlesteanu, citizens should be prepared when new tariffs are in place in December, realitatea.md reports. “I think there will be a shock in December,when the November bills arrive. The announced compensation will not be enough for some categories of the population. But let’s see whether they will be included in the next year’s budget law. This increase had to be introduced progressively to support domestic and non-domestic consumers,” said Marianna Durlesteanu on the air of the program on N4TV channel. The leader of the Law and Justice party also criticized the government for not supporting economic agents during the pandemic, and even more so in the context of rising prices for various raw materials. Recall, the new contract agreed between Chisinau and Gazprom includes a new price for the natural gas supply. As of November, this amount is approximately $ 450. In this regard, Moldovagaz demanded an increase in the tariff for end consumers up to 10.26 lei per cubic meter of gas. Point