In the First Round, the PAS Candidates from Won in 7 of Moldova’s 14 Localities

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According to the preliminary data of the CEC, presented around midnight, at the new local elections for the post of mayor, held in various districts of the Republic of Moldova, in 7 out of 14 localities, the mayor’s seat went to candidates from the PAS. They won: in the village of Ucrainca of the district of Causeni – Tamara Macovei, with 427 votes (80.72%); in the village of Hlinaia of the district of Edinet – Tudor Ceban, with 415 votes (55.18%); in the village of Pirlita of the district of Falesti – Sergiu Neagu, with 768 votes (77.65%); in the village of Camenca of the district of Glodeni – Ala Postolachi, with 560 votes (70.00%); in the village of Balceana of the district Hincesti – Aurelia Temciuc, with 262 votes (46.70%); in Cneazevca village of Leova district – Larisa Tomsa, with 161 votes (45.09%); in Palanсa village of Stefan-Voda district – Dumitru Cozlovschi, with 359 votes (53.50%), reports In addition, 4 independent candidates won in the first round: Roman Pinteac, with 401 votes (42.88%) in the village of Opaci of the district of Causeni; Vitalie Caraja, with 256 votes (37.64%) in the village of Hartop of the district of Cimislia; Ludmila Magu, with 861 votes (36.11%) in the town of Cupcini of the district of Edinet; Ala Procopciuc, with 495 votes (51.99 %). According to one mandate, the mayor was won in the first round: the candidate of the Sor party, Alexandru Boiciuk– in the village of Iscalau of the Falesti district, with 609 votes (68.96%); the candidate of the Electoral Bloc of Communists and Socialists, Ruslan Bujorean– in the village of Stefanesti of the Stefan-Voda district, with 271 votes (59.82%); the candidate of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Galina Uscatu– in the village of Negurenii Vechi of the Ungheni district, with 359 votes (53.34%) . In all 14 localities, elections can be recognized as having taken place. According to the information provided to the Central Election Commission by the General Inspectorate of Police, only 37 cases of violations of electoral legislation were registered during the election day, most of them in the electoral district of Balti (31 cases). They are: the posting of election campaigning in unintended places, reasonable suspicions of conducting election campaigning, other actions that can interfere with the proper conduct of the electoral process. The materials are at the stage of verification and establishing the circumstances of the identified cases, collecting evidence for making decisions corresponding to what was done. According to the Election Code, if none of the candidates has won at least half of the number of votes of the voters who took part in the elections, then a second round of elections is held within two weeks. The first two candidates, determined in descending order of the number of votes received in the first round, participate in it. Accordingly, the second round of elections will be held in five rural settlements, as well as in the municipality of Balti. Point