Erdogan Offers Mediation to Ukraine and Russia

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Turkey intends to mediate in the settlement of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has offered Ukraine and Russia to mediate in the settlement of the conflict, Hurriyet reported on Monday, November 29. “We stand for the establishment of peace in the region, especially when it comes primarily to the Crimean Turks. We have repeatedly discussed these issues with friendly Russia and especially with Mr. Putin. We want it not to be a territory dominated by war. Let peace reign in this territory in the future, we want to develop an attitude to this issue in a positive way,” he said. According to Erdogan, Turkey “will mediate on this issue, discuss it” with Moscow and Kiev. “There will be mediation on this issue, we will discuss it with them. We would like to participate in resolving this issue, developing these negotiations both with Ukraine and with Mr. Putin,” he added. As you know, Ukraine and Russia have long been unable to agree on either the meetings of the leaders of the Normandy format, or the negotiations of the presidents of the countries - Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin. In particular, today the Kremlin once again stated that preparations for the meeting are not underway. At the same time, earlier US President Joe Biden promised to talk with Zelensky and Putin. Корреспондент