Euronews: A New African Strain of Coronavirus Has Become the Main Topic of the G7 Meeting

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The G7 meeting, convened on the initiative of the United Kingdom, discusses the sanitary situation in the world after the discovery of a new strain of omicron in South Africa, which was included by WHO among the COVID-19 mutations of “concern”. And although South African doctors urge their Western colleagues not to panic, more and more countries restrict or stop air traffic with Africa after discovering a dangerous strain in tourists arriving from there, Euronews reports. The new strain of the coronavirus “omicron” has been declared the main topic of the meeting of the G7 countries, convened by the UK, the chairman of the “club of seven”, to discuss the global sanitary situation. The other day, omicron was included by the World Health Organization among the strains of “concern”. He came to Europe from South Africa. Against this backgdrop, many countries of the world restrict or stop air traffic with this country and its closest neighbors on the continent. So far, this strain has been detected in at least 13 passengers who flew from South Africa to the Netherlands, where, due to the increase in cases of coronavirus, the authorities announced last week that restrictive measures would be strengthened. HUGO DE JONGE, Minister of Health of the Netherlands: Of course, we are alarmed; according to a number of experts, this variant of the coronavirus may be more dangerous. That’s why the WHO called it “of concern”. We do not yet know how the strain affects the course of the disease, the immunity of those who have already had Covid or been vaccinated. So we are concerned, but due to the lack of sufficient information, we cannot say whether our concern is justified. Meanwhile, South African doctors, faced a new strain, urge their foreign colleagues not to panic. ANGELIQUE COETZEE, Chairman of the South African Medical Association: The symptoms are very mild, such patients can be treated perfectly at home. So far I haven’t heard that one of the local doctors needed to transfer patients to oxygen. However, scientists and sanitary authorities need more time. Including to spur vaccination at a time when the incidence of coronavirus is growing in several regions of the world at once – and with it public discontent with restrictions. The air date is November 29, 2021. Russian.rt