Ukraine Asks NATO for Increased Support in the Conflict with Russia

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The Ukrainian Foreign Minister proposed to develop a deterrence package consisting of three layers that would include communication measures, possible economic sanctions against Russia and stronger cooperation between NATO and Kiev. Kiev counts on an increased NATO’s support in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. “We will call on allies to work with Ukraine on a deterrence package consisting of three layers,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Wednesday, December 1, ahead of talks with colleagues from 30 NATO countries in Riga. The first layer he said should consist of clearly communicating the consequences of Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine. Furthermore, the package should contain economic sanctions that will be imposed against Moscow in the worst-case scenario. Thirdly, more intensive cooperation between NATO and Ukraine in the field of defense is needed, Kuleba added and suggested that this would have impact on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions. “If we join efforts, if we act in a coordinated fashion, we will be able to deter President Putin and demotivate him from choosing the worst-case scenario, which is a military operation,” the Ukrainian minister said. Stoltenberg pledged support for the sovereignty of Ukraine and Georgia NATO foreign ministers with colleagues from Ukraine and Georgia are meeting in Riga on December 1. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on the same day confirmed “the allies’ strong support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and Georgia.” According to him, the alliance will provide both countries with “political and practical assistance”. In addition, NATO still offers Ukraine and Georgia the prospect of membership, Stoltenberg said. Following a day of meetings among NATO member foreign ministers in Riga, Stoltenberg urged allies to prepare for the worst amid the Russian military buildup near the borders of Ukraine. “We need to communicate to Russia that it has no right for military invasion of Ukraine,” he stressed. There is neither certainty nor clarity about Moscow’s specific intentions, the head of the alliance added and reported on the involvement of NATO countries of an anti-crisis mechanism that will allow monitoring the development of the situation and responding to it in a timely manner. Since the end of October, it has been reported in the Western media about Russia’s military buildup along the borders of Ukraine. The last time a similar thing happened was spring of 2021, it also caused serious international concern. But if the events in the spring were regarded as a demonstration of force, then the current situation may be a preparation for the actual invasion of Donbass in eastern Ukraine, according to US intelligence agencies. Moscow denies all accusations of plotting an attack on Ukraine and, on the contrary, points to NATO’s increased activity near the Russian borders. DW