Voronin Stands for the Left Forces Unification: The Chicu Party Is the First on the List

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PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin believes that the Republic of Moldova needs consolidation of the left political flank. According to the country’s ex-president, the left-wing parties should demonstrate unity and develop joint social projects. Voronin says that one of the political formations that he would agree to conclude an agreement  with is the Development and Unification Party of Moldova, headed by former Prime Minister Ion Chicu, notes ipn.md According to Vladimir Voronin, the issue of merging the PCRM with the PSRM has not yet been raised, although these political formations presented a united front at the early parliamentary elections in July. Voronin said that the bloc between Socialists and Communists was created in order to prevent the implementation of a scenario in which the PAS would receive a constitutional majority in the legislative. “In general, the idea of merging the PSRM with the PCRM has no prospects. In Parliament, we have more united with the Socialists on the basis of social programs. There are no problems in the work of our joint faction. If we had not united with the Socialists in time, those who are now in parliament could have obtained a constitutional majority. This is the reason for the creation of this joint block. There are no disagreements between Communists and Socialists in parliament, because we have the same goals. But there will be no merger,” Vladimir Voronin explained in the studio of the program “Puterea a Patra” on the N4 TV channel. The leader of the PCRM considers the unity of the left parties necessary for the implementation of joint social projects for the benefit of citizens. Voronin said that he would agree to cooperate with the party headed by former Prime Minister Ion Chicu, and this cooperation, as the ex-president made it clear, has prospects. “There are a lot of people who share the left ideology. The problem is the lack of unity and consolidation of the left forces. There are left-wing parties, and we even have projects on the basis of which we can start cooperation with them. And I don’t mean only socialists. The first party that I see today, realistically speaking, is the party led by Ion Chicu,” Voronin said. Vladimir Voronin said that the decision of the PSRM to nominate Alexandr Nesterovschi as a candidate in the new local elections in Balti was not coordinated with the PCRM. In addition, according to Voronin, there were no consultations between the two components of the bloc about Nesterovschi’s refusal to continue participating in the election race.