Gavrilita at a Meeting with Ciuca: The Road to Europe Lies through Romania

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The priorities of the roadmap, the development of cooperation, the interconnection of power grids and the unification of efforts to combat COVID – all these issues were discussed by Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita and her Romanian counterpart Nicolae Ciuca. This morning, the head of the Moldovan cabinet of Ministers arrived on a visit to Bucharest, reports The agenda of the meeting was busy. The parties reached mutual understanding on many issues: “We have a great starting point. Romania is Moldova’s first commercial partner. But we want a lot more. We support the consolidation of Romanian investments in Moldova, and for this it is necessary to improve the business environment in the neighboring country,” Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said. Prime Minister Gavrilita noted that Moldova is always ready to lend a shoulder to its neighbors. She stressed the need to work on the welfare of citizens of both countries and deepen cooperation between states: “We have a historic chance to transform the language community into a community of great projects for the benefit of people on both banks of the Prut. It is necessary to literally and figuratively build bridges. New bridges will connect us with Europe, and the road to Europe lies through Romania.” The officials also discussed the possibilities of stimulating political dialogue between the two countries and holding a joint meeting of the governments early next year. The Prime Minister’s official visit will continue in Parliament, where he will meet with the Chairman of the Senate Florin Citu and the head of the Chamber of Deputies Marcel Ciolacu. After that, the Moldovan delegation will go to the Cotroceni Palace to receive President Klaus Iohannis.