Reuters: Sandu Firmly Told Moscow that Moldova’s Goal is to Join the EU

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The Republic of Moldova aspires to join the European Union and has made it clear to the Russian Federation that this is its choice. This was stated on Tuesday, December 14, in an interview with Reuters, the head of state Maya Sandu, reports On the eve of the summit in Brussels with the leaders of the EU and Eastern Europe, Sandu made a number of statements about relations with the Kremlin and Western partners. The President stressed that Russia complicates the situation in the Republic of Moldova by raising prices for supplied natural gas, and noted that it also depends on the West when people involved in the theft from the banking system of our country are to be caught. “Moldova wants to become a European Union member. We want this to happen as soon as possible,” Maia Sandu said in an interview. When asked by Reuters journalists whether Russia would allow it, the head of state noted she had told Moscow straight that Moldova would join the community of European states. “We will insist that this is our choice, and we would like other states to respect our choice,” the Moldovan President said. Also in this interview, the head of state called the new five-year deal with Gazprom reasonable, but stressed that Russia offered its allies “beneficial” prices. At the same time, the President of Moldova expressed concern about the consolidation of the Russian army on the border with Ukraine, noting that “there are no signs of Russia’s activity in Transnistria.” “Unfortunately, Russian troops on our country’s territory are still there,” Maia Sandu said. Point