Kulminski: We’re a Step away from Difficult Events That Will Have a Negative Impact on Moldova

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Former Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Vlad Kulminski and ex-MP Igor Munteanu made dire predictions about negative events that could affect not only Ukraine, but also the Republic of Moldova. According to them, the Russian Federation wants to achieve international recognition of the territories annexed by it, and a possible invasion of Ukraine will “freeze” Moldova’s European integration plans, notes ipn.md As previously reported, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov stated that the Russian Federation has concentrated over 94,000 troops on the border with this country, and a military offensive may follow. The Ukrainian official does not rule out the possibility of a “large-scale military conflict.” According to Vlad Kulminski, an extremely dangerous period has come for peace in the region. He focused on the threats voiced by Moscow to give a “military-technical response” To the West. “Russia would not have issued such an ultimatum if it was not ready to follow through. And this is the most dangerous thing as large states only voice threats if they are ready to fulfill them. Now the Russian Federation demands an agreement with the West on spheres of influence in the post-Soviet space. There is an attempt to reach a legal agreement that would divide this space of influence, and this already means the maximum level of tension. I think we are a step away from difficult events that will have a negative impact not only on Ukraine, but also on the Republic of Moldova and the post-Soviet space as a whole,” Vlad Kulminski said during the program “Moldova in direct” on the public TV channel. Igor Munteanu, a former parliament member from the DA Platform, also believes that if such a military expansion begins, all Moldova’s European integration plans may be ruined. “Last week, the Russian Federation mobilized reservists. According to all the offensive plans of the Russian Federation, reservists are the second wave ensuring the consolidation of the occupied territories. The second thing was said by Sergei Shoigu himself (Russian Defense Minister): according to Russian intelligence, “toxic substances thrown out by American specialists in the Donetsk area to kill the population” were found. All these searches for an excuse carry a serious threat. Now the Russian Federation, represented by President Putin, is trying to get the West to recognize the territories it has annexed, with the provision of guarantees. It’s an extremely dangerous moment for stability on the continent” Igor Munteanu said. Point