Biden’s Plans for a Telephone Conversation with Putin Came to Light

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The Washington Post: Biden at talks with Putin will announce the readiness of the United States to impose sanctions against Russia During a telephone conversation scheduled for 23:30 Moscow time, US President Joe Biden plans to tell his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin about his readiness to impose sanctions against Russia in the event of its invasion of Ukraine. This became known to The Washington Post. During the conversation, Biden is going to insist that Moscow should “show a desire to begin de-escalation” before Washington goes for a diplomatic settlement. Otherwise, the American side is ready to go both to toughen economic sanctions and to expand its military presence in Europe, as well as to provide Ukraine with increased military assistance. It is claimed that such requirements are related to “the growth of Russia’s military activity near the borders with Ukraine”. The Washington Post, with reference to American officials, notes that the United States is ready to work harmoniously on a diplomatic solution to the problem together with its allies. According to the White House, Moscow requested the conversation. The press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov confirmed the information. It is clarified that the politicians will touch on a whole range of topics, including upcoming negotiations, as well as a meeting at the OSCE site and a meeting of the Russia – NATO Council. Putin and Biden may also consider the course of negotiations with Iran on the nuclear deal. Лента