Some Amendments to the Laws Adopted by the Parliament Have Entered Into Force

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On the first day of the new year, some amendments to the laws adopted by the Parliament came into force. Most of them concern fiscal policy and, in particular, new provisions on road tolls, tax exemption, provision of a child-birth nonrecurrent benefit and the introduction of a new category of pensions, reports As of yesterday, January 1, the amount of the nonrecurrent benefit onthe birth of each child is 609 lei higher and will amount to 10,068 lei. More than 36 thousand families will be able to receive an increased allowance. According to the forecast of the Ministry of Economy, this year the average salary in the economy will increase by 1,184 lei to 9,900 lei. Also yesterday, a new category of pensions appeared, namely a pension designed for a long career. It is provided to persons who have worked longer than the required period to receive a standard pension. From January 1, men will be able to retire earlier if they have 39 years of work experience, and women - 35 years and 6 months. Two categories of recipients will be able to review their pension rights. In the first case, we are talking about old-age pensions for those who have established their right to a pension after January 1, 1999 and have a contribution payment period of 5 to 7 years. Disability pensions established before January 1, 1999 for persons with a two-year contribution period will also be reviewed. Applications can be submitted online, on the website or at the Territorial Social Insurance Fund at the recipient's place of residence. Another important law that came into force yesterday is local taxes. The proceeds from the fare in 2022 will be fully transferred to local budgets. So far, half of this tax has gone to the mayor's office, and the other half to the Road Fund. Also in 2022, the government is offering new benefits for individuals. The usual benefits will increase from 25,200 lei to 27,000 lei, while the increased benefits will increase from 30,000 to 31,500 lei. For dependents, the tax exemption is doubled - from 4,500 to 9,000 lei. Personal exemption: 25,200 lei - 27,000 lei + 7.14%; basic personal exemption: 30,000 lei - 31,500 lei + 5%; exemption for dependents: 4,500 lei - 9,000 lei + 100%. Starting from 2022, the minimum wage of public sector employees will increase from 2,200 lei to 3,100 lei. Also this year, civil servants will receive an annual bonus. Point