Putin: Maidan Technologies Were Used in Kazakhstan

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The situation in Kazakhstan is an act of aggression, the CSTO has shown its efficiency, Putin said. Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the CSTO on Monday, January 10, said that during the protests in Kazakhstan, technologies known from Maidan were used, writes TASS. “Maidan technologies were used in Kazakhstan to support protests,” Putin said. According to him, the situation in Kazakhstan is an act of aggression and “it was necessary to react to it swiftly”. “The situation in Kazakhstan is being gradually stabilized, a number of vital facilities have been completely cleared of militants,” the Russian president said. He noted that the CSTO peacekeeping contingent will be in Kazakhstan for a limited period and will be withdrawn from the country. Putin called the CSTO operation exceptionally timely and legitimate. According to him, in the Kazakhstan case, the CSTO has shown in practice its potential, the ability to act quickly, decisively and effectively. Putin claims that the threat to Kazakhstan was caused not by spontaneous protests, but by those who took up arms. According to him, Kazakhstan has faced international terrorism. The Russian President also said that the CSTO countries have shown that they will not allow “to rock the boat” at home and implement scenarios of “color revolutions”. Putin proposed to instruct the secretaries of the Security Councils of the CSTO countries to submit proposals on joint counteraction to attempts of external interference. According to him, Russia intends to continue to pay priority attention to strengthening relations with all CSTO countries. President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said during the meeting that full order has been restored in the country. Recall that at least 164 people, including two children, were killed during protests in Kazakhstan. Almaty suffered the highest number of deaths. About 6 thousand people were arrested. Корреспондент