Tokayev Announced the CSTO Forces Withdrawal from Kazakhstan

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The President of Kazakhstan announced the beginning of the CSTO forces withdrawal in two days, the process will take 10 days. He appointed Alihan Smaiylov as the new Prime Minister. President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced the completion of the CSTO “peacekeeping mission” in the country. The phased withdrawal of the CSTO contingent from Kazakhstan will begin in two days, this process will take no more than 10 days, he said on Tuesday, January 11, at a meeting of the lower house of parliament - the Majilis. Alihan Smaiylov has been appointed as the new Prime Minister At the same time, Tokayev appointed a new head of the government of Kazakhstan, he became 49-year-old Alihan Smaiylov, who has held the post of first Deputy Prime Minister since May 2020. His candidacy has already been approved by the Parliament. Tokayev instructed the new Prime Minister to submit a government action program within three weeks. In particular, he pointed out the need to reform the public administration system and increase the effectiveness of the government’s dialogue with citizens. Tokayev also promised to present a new package of political reforms in Kazakhstan during his address to the people in September. Almost 10 thousand people were detained Meanwhile, almost 10 thousand people were detained during the protests in Kazakhstan, according to the Telegram channel with reference to the data of the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the presidential press service, 412 pre-trial investigations related to protests and riots in early January have been launched in Kazakhstan. In particular, we are talking about alleged acts of terrorism and murders, it is indicated further. Protests in Kazakhstan related to the rise in prices for liquefied natural gas began on January 2, Alma-Ata became one of their centers. President Tokayev dismissed the government under the leadership of Askar Mamin and removed him from the post of head of the Security Council. A state of emergency was introduced throughout the country. In response to the President’s request for assistance, the CSTO sent a military contingent to the republic. Tokayev said he ordered law enforcement agencies and the army to open fire for effect without warning. DW