The Moldovan-Russian Intergovernmental Commission Meeting Postponed

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The meeting of the Moldovan-Russian intergovernmental commission, which did not take place in November 2021, as originally planned, will take place in March 2022. This was stated by the Minister for Infrastructure Andrei Spinu during a press conference, reports Spinu stressed that Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu, who is the chairman of the intergovernmental commission from the Republic of Moldova, visited Moscow, where he met with the Kremlin delegate in the commission, the Russian Agriculture Minister. During this meeting, it was decided to postpone the meeting until March. “The Foreign Ministry has taken all necessary steps to establish the exact date in March when the meeting will take place. It should be noted that the commission deals not only with the energy issue, but also, for example, of a cultural, economic or commercial nature,” Andrei Spinu said. The Minister for Infrastructure also clarified that during the intergovernmental meeting, the issue of extending the deadline for signing the Moldovan-Russian agreement on the settlement of Moldovagaz’s debt to Gazprom may be raised if there is no progress until May 1, 2022 in the audit of Moldovagaz’s debt to Gazprom. “In recent days, we have been in the process of finalizing the specifications. The Public Property Agency then initiates a procurement procedure to conduct this audit. At the moment, the deadline is May 1. The issue will be discussed at the joint commission in March and, depending on the progress, it will be decided whether it will take another month or two to extend this process,” Andrei Spinu said. It should be noted that in case of an unsuccessful signing of an Agreement on the settlement of Moldovagaz’s debt to Gazprom, the contract for the supply of natural gas to Moldova may be terminated. Point