Nastase: If the Authorities Mock People, We Will Protest

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The DA Platform founder Andrei Nastase harshly criticized the party in power, the PAS. Nastase called the way of concluding a contract with Gazprom a “mockery” and demanded that the Prosecutor General’s Office inspect whether the persons representing the interests of the Republic of Moldova in Russia have committed illegal actions or abuses, reports Andrei Nastase says that the DA Platform is considering a scenario of mass protests if the government allows irresponsible actions towards citizens. Andrei Nastase is dissatisfied with the fact that negotiations with Gazprom were entrusted to Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu. According to Nastase, Moldova should have been represented at the negotiations with the Russian side by Prime Minister Gavrilita or even President Sandu. Nastase asks the Prosecutor General’s Office to launch an investigation into this case. “We went to negotiate with a very weak representation. It was necessary to go there at the level of the prime minister or even the president. We demand the resignation of Mr. Spinu, who committed mockery against the State of the Republic of Moldova and its citizens. In this case, it is necessary to immediately start a criminal investigation. To investigate to what extend the rights of the Republic of Moldova were protected in this transaction. This is gross negligence on the part of those who represented the Republic of Moldova there,” Andrei Nastase said during the Freedom program on TV8. Moreover, the founding president of the DA Platform states that the authorities ignore the recommendations of the DA Platform for overcoming crisis situations and admits the possibility of anti-government protests. “Our means remain the same – democratic and civilized. What is the opposition’s main tool? Protests. But first we will operate as an active, constructive opposition, we are ready to help where necessary. If there is no response, of course, we keep the protests in our arsenal. If the authorities mock people, we will stand up. We will protest in every possible way, taking actions, statements, including demonstrations,” Andrei Nastase stressed. Under the energy crisis faced by the Republic of Moldova, the DA Platform demands that the government review the mechanism of tariff compensation, increase the amounts allocated to low-income citizens, give compensation to economic agents, dismiss Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu, submit a request to Gazprom to dismiss the current leadership of Moldovagaz and review the current contract with Gazprom. Point