Gligor on Justice Reform: We Still Don’t See the Process of Cleaning Up This System

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The chairman of the Party of Changes Stefan Gligor believes that no progress has been made in the process of cleaning up the judicial system. The politician’s statements were broadcast on the JurnalTV channel. “I want to remind everyone of the statement adopted in June 2019 on the usurped nature of all state institutions, which among other things says about the usurped judiciary, consisting of two authorities: the institute of the Prosecutor’s office - these gentlemen who served a criminal organization that had usurped power in the state - and, of course, the courts and their self-governing bodies. These gentlemen are the ones who should be investigated and the role of each of them should be established in a major case of usurpation of power in the state, in which there should be many, many episodes. Each prosecutor should in some way become a subject to investigation on whether they assisted or not, executed orders to initiate contract cases, what their role was. Because they were groups inside Plahotniuc’s criminal organization. Unfortunately, they are only leaving the system at the moment, the clean-up of the system is not underway yet. We see that some persons were replaced, changes have taken place in the Supreme Council of Prosecutors, but the quality of the Council’s appointments is more than doubtful. So, we are at an impasse. Odious prosecutors simply leave the system, at best they leave, but there are many cases when they remain in the system and have no problems. And there is no transparency or clarity whether their roles in the usurpation of power in the state will be established or not,” Gligor said. Point