Spinu: Gazprom Rejected the Proposal to Publish the Gas Contract

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Gazprom refused to include the issue of publishing the gas supply contract in the agenda of the Moldovagaz Supervisory Board meeting. According to Minister Andrei Spinu, 4 representatives of the Russian giant’s Supervisory Board did not vote for this proposal of the Moldovan side, reports replicamedia.md “The Secretary of State proposed to include in the agenda the issue of the contract and its publication on the Moldovagaz website. The Supervisory Board has 6 members, 4 from Gazprom and 2 from the Republic of Moldova. Colleagues from Gazprom voted against, deciding not to include this topic in the agenda, respectively, the contract remains confidential,” Spinu said. At the same time, the minister said that he would continue to seek the publication of this contract. “I keep saying that it would be better for me personally if this agreement was published today or yesterday, or immediately after my return from St. Petersburg, and we will insist on its publication at all Council meetings. The contract was signed by Ceban and Miller and is commercial. And they told me very clearly: it is protected by a confidentiality clause. And in other countries, such contracts are not made public. This applies not only to Moldova,” the minister added. Recall that the agreement between Moldovagaz and Gazprom on the acquisition of Russian gas is currently classified at the request of the Russian side. However, information about some points of this agreement has appeared in the public domain. For example, that payment for gas consumption is made before the 20th day of each month. Point