Oleg Serebrian Took the Oath of Office as Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration

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Oleg Serebrian was appointed Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration. Today, on January 19, he took the oath. The event was attended by President Maia Sandu and Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita. “Thank you for agreeing to take on this difficult portfolio, I am convinced that your diplomatic experience and expertise in the Republic of Moldova’s realities and the situation in the region, will help you cope with the professional challenge. I want to remind you that the well-being of citizens of both banks of the Dniester is important for us. Citizens need access to medical services, they need to know that we have fair justice that ensures respect for rights. Our task is to find a peaceful, diplomatic solution, a solution that will respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova,” said President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, quoted agora.md Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita thanked the diplomat for agreeing to join the government team and confirmed that the goal of the reintegration policy is the well-being of citizens on both banks of the Dniester. “You are a diplomat with rich experience, a wise interlocutor. Our main goal is to improve the well-being of the Republic’s citizens, regardless of whether they are on the right or on the left bank, and all decisions taken to resolve the Transnistrian conflict are made in the national interests and interests of citizens,” Gavrilita said. Oleg Serebrian was the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Germany from November 2015 until the end of 2021. On January 3, 2022, he was appointed Director of the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. From 2001 to 2008, Serebrian was chairman of the Social Liberal Party, which later merged with the Democratic Party. Serebrian was the vice-chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova until 2010, when he resigned after being appointed Ambassador to France. The post of Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration in the Gavrilita’s Government remained vacant since Vladislav Kulminski had resigned just 3 months after his appointment. Point