Kuleba: Ukraine Will Get More Weapons from the United States

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Over the past year, U.S. financial aid for Ukraine’s defense was the highest since 2014. Ukraine is to receive new shipments of defense weapons from the United States, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Thursday, January 20. “The second outcome (of Anthony Blinken’s visit) is that the United States is ready to further increase Ukraine’s defense capacity. This is not only about the $60 million defense package that we received in December, but also about extra volumes of defense weapons, including lethal ones - defense, but yet lethal. I can also confirm today that the Biden administration recently approved $200 million in additional security aid to Ukraine, bringing the total amount of U.S. security and defense aid to our nation to $650 million in 2021, more than ever since 2014,” Kuleba said. He also said that the United States has developed a new sanction package against Russia. “The United States has developed a package of very painful sanctions against Russia, which can inflict a devastating economic blow ... The fundamental thing is that the decision has already been made in Washington,” Kuleba said. “The United States is ready to use all the power of its economic and financial tools to squeeze the Russian economy. The Russian Federation will also lose access to a number of technologies important for its development,” he added, without further elaboration. In addition, the minister spoke about the situation with the threat of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin intimidates Ukraine, Europe, the United States and the world as a whole. “But even he himself does not know whether he will take the steps he threatens to take. We, diplomats, also use social networks, read the news, but we cannot afford to read coffee grounds and to be guided by media reports,” Kuleba said. Recall, the day before Kiev was visited by head of the State Department Anthony Blinken, who announced the allocation of additional aid of $ 300 million to Ukraine. Корреспондент