The Moldovan Parliament Introduces a State of Emergency Due to Energy Crisis

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The Moldovan Parliament has introduced a state of emergency in the country in connection with the situation in the energy sector. 58 deputies of the ruling Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) voted for this decision. Deputies of the bloc of Communists and Socialists and the Sor faction refused to support the decision arguing that the government had enough time and tools to manage the situation, reports with reference to Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita presented the draft resolution on the introduction of a state of emergency noting that state of emergency would allow the government to give Moldovagaz JSC a delay in paying VAT to the budget and pay compensation in advance for natural gas for the population. According to the Prime Minister, these measures will be enough for Moldovagaz to urgently pay Gazprom for January consumption. The government hopes that emergency powers will also help avoid similar crises in the future. During the state of emergency, under the parliamentary resolution, the Commission for Emergency Situations will be allowed to: - introduce, when needed, rationed consumption of natural gas and other energy sources; - adopt decisions necessary to ensure prompt actions to provide natural gas, including by deviating from regulations; - adopt decisions authorizing suppliers and system operators to act in order to procure, transport and distribute natural gas and other energy sources throughout the country; - coordinate the work of the media in relation to: a) informing the population about the causes and extent of the emergency, about the measures taken to prevent danger, eliminate the consequences of this situation and protect the population; b) familiarization of the population with the rules of conduct during an emergency; c) introduction of special rules for the use of means of communication; - create fast tools for collecting payments from consumers for the consumed natural gas; - introduce a special fast-track regime for natural gas procurement, where appropriate; - allocate financial resources to ensure the purchase of the necessary volumes of natural gas, where appropriate; - perform other actions necessary to prevent, mitigate and eliminate the consequences caused by the state of emergency. Noi