Dodon after the Hearings in the Prosecutor General’s Office: Attempts by the Authorities to Reshape the Agenda Won’t Work

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Moldova’s ex-president Igor Dodon was in the Prosecutor General’s Office for more than three hours, where he was heard in the criminal case of Energocom JSC on the purchase of electricity in 2008-2009, when Dodon was Minister of Economy. In the framework of this case, the ex-president was accorded the status of a suspect, reports. After the hearing, Dodon told the press that “he is definitely not to blame in this case,” and described all summons to the Prosecutor General’s Office as a “show”. The politician also said that he was summoned to the PGO on the instructions of the sitting government. “If the current leadership of the country believes that gas and electricity prices will decrease due to my frequent visits to the prosecutor’s office, then they are deeply mistaken. When people are dissatisfied with the price increase due to the incompetence of the current government, they call me to the prosecutor’s office. I tell them once again, all attempts to change the public agenda through such shows and justice on TV will not work. As you see, I do not hide, I come and speak, and voice information I received additionally. Not only me, but my colleagues, the team of lawyers - we are all sure that I am not to blame. I can’t even be suspected in this case. I want to reiterate what I said in May 2008. At that time, the Republic of Moldova received the best price in the region for electricity supplies. Question to the prosecutor’s office: What about the grand theft? Are you still silent? What about the airport concession? You are silent because when you start digging deeper you will bump into people from the current leadership. This is called selective justice and will lead to absolutely nothing. I am open to cooperation with the GPO representatives. Today I insisted that we talk some more so that I could provide some information that I did not know before. People now want cheaper gasoline prices, and you’re going back to what it was 14 years ago. Don’t look for Russian tanks, take care of people’s problems,” Dodon said after the hearing. Moldova’s former President Igor Dodon arrived at the General Prosecutor’s Office (GPO) on Tuesday, January 25, where he was heard in the Energocom JSC case. This case concerns the purchase of electricity during 2008-2009 through an intermediary company. It is assumed that the energy imports fraudulent scheme, which resulted in the theft of $12 million from the budget, was created during Igor Dodon’s tenure as Minister of Economy. Point