Popescu in Brussels: We Want to Attract Investment and Strengthen Sustainability

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Nicu Popescu, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, said that “in Moldova, the President, the parliamentary majority, the Government are making coordinated efforts to ensure the modernization of the country.” Popescu made the corresponding statement in a message at meetings he held in Brussels with senior EU and NATO officials, ipn.md reports. “We want to build new roads, schools, hospitals with EU support, improve the business climate, attract investment, create new jobs, lift the country out of poverty, raise the standard of living of its citizens and strengthen sustainability. These actions also correspond to the EU long-term political goals,” Nicu Popescu posted on his Telegram page after meetings with representatives of the NATO leadership - Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoane, with MEPs and representatives of European institutions. Another goal of the Moldovan official was to strengthen parliamentary diplomacy. In this regard, Nicu Popescu held meetings with the Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs David McAllister and other MEPs. “In the context of the crisis situation faced by the European continent, in discussions with Western partners, we emphasized the position of our country on topical issues on the European agenda,” Popescu wrote. During meetings with Secretary General of the European External Action Service Stefano Sannino and Deputy Secretary General of NATO Mircea Geoana, the interlocutors addressed the security situation in Europe, advocating adherence to the principles underlying the European security architecture. Among the topics raised were “strengthening political cooperation, participation (of the Republic of Moldova) in EU missions on crisis management, combating hybrid threats and cyber security,” Nicu Popescu said. Katarina Maternova, Deputy Director General of the Directorate-General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations of the European Commission, during the meeting with the Moldovan official, was interested in the developments in the Republic of Moldova. “We reviewed the progress made in the reform program in various sectors, as well as the implementation of the Economic Recovery Plan and the EU Economic and Investment Plan for the Eastern Partnership States,” Nicu Popescu wrote. Point