Gavrilita Announced an Increase in the Country’s Military Budget

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The Republic of Moldova should be ready for the risks it may face, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita said. The head of government noted on the air of the public radio station that the military budget should be supplemented, reports. The Prime Minister was asked whether it is appropriate to increase the defense budget in the context of the Individual Moldova-NATO Partnership Action Plan for 2022-2023, recently approved by the government. “In fact, our investments in the military area have decreased, but when the budget is adjusted, I think we will fix that, especially since we have announced a Year of Appreciation. Available analyses show where additional costs should be channeled in order to create good conditions for our soldiers, have a well–equipped barracks, housing programs, well-organized army and be prepared for the risks that may await us,” the Prime Minister said. At the same time, Gavrilita confirmed that Moldova is a neutral country, and the Individual Action Plan of the Moldova-NATO Partnership “represents cooperation in the context of commitment to neutrality.” Point